What Can Quantum Biofeedback do for You?

Quantum Biofeedback is FDA approved for deep relaxation, stress reduction and Neurological-muscular Re-education. Stress in the nervous system can be the root cause of many different symptoms, and after a prolonged period of high stress (as is common in modern work & life) the nervous system can have difficulty winding down. It can simply forget and hold the stress / trauma much longer than necessary. 

Quantum Biofeedback re-trains the nervous system to relax. It also helps move tension and pent up energy, and many people report their lingering pains disappearing after one session. It also help regulate the brainwaves and put you into the liminal state, meaning the place between sleep and awake, where the mind more easily allows communication between conscious and sub-conscious. Realizations, dreams, ideas and letting go often occurs during a Quantum Biofeedback session.

The Eductor software also allows for what's called an Electro-Physiological Response test or EPR test. This takes about five minutes and tests the signature frequencies of over 12,000 different items to find out what your body is reactive to. It includes bacteria, fungus, supplements, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, spiritual remedies and more. It gives us a snapshot of your stress and health levels and what your super-conscious or body want to work on in the session. All of this is deeply relaxing and there's no feeling of being attached to electrodes whatsoever!

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