How I Found Quantum Biofeedback

How I Found Quantum Biofeedback

I found Quantum Biofeedback in 2006 when it was experiencing a wave of popularity in Santa Monica. The Quantum Biofeedback machine distributor for North America had an office on Santa Monica Boulevard, and offered informational presentations on the device as well as advanced classes.  

I first tried the Quantum Biofeedback method because I was experiencing a severe bout of anxiety. I felt a dark energy and sitting on my shoulders, and was in the worst, most negative mood I'd been in for years. I was filled with dark, self-destructive thoughts day and night for a few days. 

I asked every energy healer I knew in the hope they could clear the dark mood and energy, and the soonest anyone could see me was the following week. Well, I wasn't ready to live in this darkness for a week, and by happenstance I met a woman who had just bought a quantum biofeedback SCIO device. She talked about how it could heal the energy field and cleanse dark energies, balance the chakras and up-level psychic ability and overall health. I was instantly fascinated and felt I had nothing to lose.

I saw her for an appointment the next day, and within ten minutes the Quantum Biofeedback device found a large foreign energy in my chakras and aura. She ran the programs to clear my field, and with a sense of relief, I felt it fly off my shoulders. Underneath that was pure exhaustion. 

That moment, I was so grateful and knew at some point I'd be using the Quantum Biofeedback machine to help others. I was involved in learning so many other methods however, that I bookmarked it, and over ten years later ended up buying one, and adding it to the methods I'd already learned and practice.

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