An Ancient Medicine

Acupuncture was the first healing method that really drew my attention. I thought I'd have to travel to China and study with an old man on a mountain to learn the secrets of Acupuncture. It was when I did a high school report on "what I want to be when I grow up" that I learned Oriental Medicine is something I can learn in a Post-Graduate program in the states.

That said, I knew I was destined to learn "alternative" healing methods from quite a young age, if I were to follow my soul's calling.  

The method of acupuncture I practice is based on pulse diagnosis and utilizes the gentle technique of thin needles and balancing the meridians (energy pathways along the body) for pain relief and overall health. Acupuncture can work for just about any chronic condition, and promotes overall heath and relaxation. I practice a very painless form of acupuncture for both pain and injury, and issues such as headaches, hormonal issues, digestive issues, anxiety, ptsd, spirit cleansing, stress, insomnia, auto-immune conditions, and more.

In my work, I've found acupuncture to be most effective alongside other treatments including mud-detox (see mud-pack detox section), somatic trauma clearing, craniosacral therapy, cupping & gua-sha.

The theories of the Five Elements and Organ System interaction in Oriental Medicine is so fascinating and integral to the way I practice alternative medicine. It's a deep science that stands the test of time.

Cranio-sacral Therapy

The fine line Between Body & Spirit Work

I found out about Craniosacral Therapy from colleagues in Acupuncture School and after experiencing a few sessions I knew it was a skill I wanted to learn. I attended the Upledger Institute classes, which first teach a solid foundation of anatomy and brain structure, then branch off into intuitive bodywork skills. 

My first Craniosacral experience was with an experienced student named Kristi. I was in an intensely personally stressful time in my life and had won a school raffle for an appointment. When she worked on me she said my craniosacral rhythm... the subtle movement of the cerebrospinal fluid flow... was blocked. It felt lost and unintegrated. When she finally got that moving again it felt like a thick layer of numbness had cleared out of my system. I was exhausted and slept deeply, and spent the next couple days processing a flood of emotions I didn't know my body still held.

I went on to learn Craniosacral Therapy and was so impressed by the way subtle, gentle touch could bring such healing to the mind and body. The body wants to heal and the body's wisdom knows exactly how to heal, the practitioner's place is to give it that subtle push of energy and reminder to do so.

What Craniosacral Therapy feel like is a deep reset for the nervous system. One is between sleep and awake, and many new ideas and awarnesses may come in. It is especially helpful for headaches, neck and upper back pain, TMJ issues, eye, face and ear issues, anxiety, ptsd, and emotional issues, and during and post pregnancy.

I took Craniosacral Therapy 1 & 2, Somato-emotional Therapy, Unwinding the Meridians 1 & 2 with the Upledger Institute. The profound changes and deepening into the body that these classes brought us to has continued to bless my work.

Somatic Release Acupressure Point Holding

Moving Trauma From the Body

Somatic Trauma Healing is otherwise known as Somatic Experiencing. I studied this in 2015-16 with two teachers who helped Peter Levine formulate his work and write his books. We learned to hold acupressure points on the body that release old, buried traumas.

The idea is that the body holds trauma in the fascia (connective tissue)... and by firm pressure on points of the fascia along with sustained attention, the body flushes out the trauma blockages. Memories come back along with the emotions they are holding, and the pieces and parts of self that have been tied up in trauma, come back to center to unite with Self.

To me, this was the missing link in healing. What shaped our beliefs about ourselves and others as children are so often mistaken beliefs due to smaller traumas. It helps us really shake those deeply held beliefs and the reasons behind them.

A session is a deep dive into ones personal history and as a practioner I offer support and guidance. 

I've also learned to facilitate these sessions, without acupressure, over the phone and zoom.

Mud Pack Detox

Premier Research Labs Mud-Pack Detox

An ultra high-quality blend of peat-mud, clay, herbs, red algae and essential oils sourced from pristine environments around the world... the PRL Mud-Pack Detox is truly one of a kind.

I've seen in reverse degenerative arthritis and clear up scar tissue and lingering viral issues. It gives a renewed life-energy and removes the most stubborn of toxins lodged in tissues and fascia.

The Mud-Pack Detox is a process. It removes toxins from the body at injuries and surgical sites, vaccinations and other common toxin storage areas. Once the toxins are removed, energy can again flow and this affects the entire electrical system including the organs affected by the energy meridian. 

For example, a sprained ankle that doesn't adequately heal can weaken the Gallbladder because the outer ankle is the pathway of the Gallbladder meridian. Vaccinations are usually given along the outer arm which affects the Large Intestine channel and organ.

Someone who is sensitive to toxicity and has collected a burden over their lifetime greatly benefits from this work. It helps the overall health of the body, immune system and vitality. Women are often more sensitive to toxins than men. People who've had trauma and stressful pasts are often more sensitive as well. As are negative blood types.  

This detox is super powerful so must be done with a knowledgable facilitator. If toxin sites are done out of order, the result can be extremely unpleasant... another testament to its efficacy.

Please contact me directly if you're interested in this healing method.

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