Somatic Emotional Session & Clearing

Somatic Emotional Session & Clearing


This is a powerful modality that combines somatic therapy with emotional release to address the interconnection between the body and mind. Through gentle guidance and intuitive healing, our skilled practitioners help you release stored emotional energy and trauma from your body, allowing for deep healing and a renewed sense of balance and well-being.

Our unique approach considers the whole person, understanding that emotional pain often manifests in physical tension and discomfort. By targeting the underlying emotions and clearing energetic blockages, we promote holistic healing and facilitate the natural flow of energy throughout your body.

Life can be overwhelming, and we all carry emotional baggage that can weigh us down. Our session provides you with a safe and supportive space to explore your emotions, release what no longer serves you, and uncover your true potential. Whether you are struggling with past traumas, anxiety, or simply feeling stuck, our Somatic Emotional Session and Clearing can help you find peace, clarity, and a renewed zest for life.

Ready to embark on your healing journey? Engage with us today by scheduling your personalized somatic-emotional session and clearing. Through the convenience of remote sessions via FaceTime or phone, we can connect with clients worldwide. Experience the transformative power of our somatic-emotional session and clearing, and embrace the healing that awaits you.

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Any energy healing work and advice given is NOT a substitute for medical recommendations and testing from a qualified, licensed health professional.