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Cherie is an intuitive with a deep connection to the unseen energies that shape our world. From an early age, she had an innate awareness of inexplicable energies, but it was through a journey of self-discovery and overcoming trauma that she rekindled her gifts.

She started out studying pre-med and biology at UCSB and Cornell University, and soon, what was to be a "straight and narrow" path to medical school led her to explore modalities and teachings related to energy healing and spirituality. She studied diverse disciplines including Acupuncture and Herbalism, Nutrition, Detox, Cranio-sacral Therapy, multiple forms of Chakra & Auric healing, Cord cutting, Ancestral healing, Esoteric Acupuncture, and Somatic Trauma Release. 

Each step along the way deepened her understanding of the intricate tapestry of energies that surround and influence us.

With a commitment to heal herself, the world and expand her perception, Cherie delved into the realms of Meditation, exploring techniques such as Vipassana, Qi Gong, and meditation. Through these practices, she learned to quiet the mind and tap into the wisdom and connection that lies within.

Cherie's thirst for knowledge extended beyond formal training as she sought guidance from Spiritual teachers. She approaches each client with a holistic perspective and a wealth of practical wisdom.

Today, Cherie combines her deep understanding of energy work, intuitive insight, and empathic nature to create a transformative experience for her clients. She helps individuals navigate their spiritual journeys, reconnect with their true selves, and unlock their innate potential.

Through her intuitive practice, Cherie invites you to embrace the energies that create your life experience and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.

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Any energy healing work and advice given is NOT a substitute for medical recommendations and testing from a qualified, licensed health professional.