Energy Healing

Finding and Clearing the Roots of Issues

Its an exciting time to be alive! The perceptual veils of reality are lifting and old patterns are dissolving daily from the individual and collective psyches. Now is the time to take hold of these energies and move your life and Self into the timeline most perfect for the emerging you.

So many previously entrenched parts of the collective are falling away... and that means what's possible... the potential, is enormous. 

What we do in an Energy Healing session is find these aspects of Self that are still mired in old Karmic ties, vows, soul contracts, outdated belief systems, traumas etc... and release them from bondage to be free and authentically you. Freeing up more time and energy to create the life that's possible.

We can also work on Soulmates, soul ties, Twin Flames, Love bites, contracts, stuck energies and more.

And I want you to know: Nothing you can say you've gone through or perceived will "weird me out". The amount of love present on the planet and in the universe is so strong, it allows for healing of big issues in record time. I've personally experienced this and seen it happen many times.

Often it simply takes the reflection of an experienced intuitive guide to reflect the parts of yourself back to you, the forces of light to help dissolve it. And this is what I offer to you.

What to Expect from a Session

How to Prepare & what to expect

What we do in a session is first find out what you want to work on. You can have a specific issue or relationship, or you can just request a general clearing based on what spirit / the knowing field communicates with me at the moment. Nothing is too strange.

The best way to prepare is to sit and quiet your mind for 5-10 minutes prior to the session, and be in a comfortable, safe space. One where your free to speak and receive information, and be with your higher wisdom. It’s okay if you’re in a car, but not driving, and in a place quiet enough so you can hear through your phone earpiece.

We start by calling in your guides and higher self, and the higher selves of all involved. I work with my guide team as well, and we set the intentions.

Afterwards, it’s best to have some time to yourself, to ground and integrate the new awarenesses and aspects of yourself. 

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Any energy healing work and advice given is NOT a substitute for medical recommendations and testing from a qualified, licensed health professional.