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Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval

Hello and welcome to Soul’s Path Healing! 

I'm here to help unlock the transformative power within you through Intuitive Energy Clearing and Soul Retrieval. In my practice, I offer spiritual healing services designed to restore balance, harmony, and wholeness to your mind, body, and spirit. I hope to have other curated and tested energy workers available through this site in the future, but for now it's only me. (If you feel you would like... Read more

Meet Cherie

As an intuitive energy healer, I specialize in revealing the intricate dynamics of the human energy system and how its affecting your life, offering profound insights into the hidden relationships between the mind, body, and soul. These intuitive assessments offer a unique opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual alignment.

During our soul energy sessions, we will sweep away energetic obstacles to a joyful, thriving life, such as soul c... Read more

Positive Transformation

Our passionate and dedicated team of intuitive practitioners is committed to helping you align with your true path. We strive to empower you by helping you consciously shift your energies and transform your life using time-tested methods to revitalize and enliven your body, and uplift your emotions and soul.

Our healing services stem from diverse metaphysical modalities that are underpinned by scientific principles for understanding things l... Read more

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This work is so incredibly helpful. I'm so glad I found Cherie and will continue to see her for sessions. She's so understanding and gifted!"

Jul 7, 2023