The form of energy healing I offer is both life-changing and subtle.  It positively shifts the energy bodies of an individual, including the soul, mental & emotional bodies, aura layers, chakras and channels.

To do this form of intuitive work, I’ve learned to perceive with my 3rd eye, known as inner vision.  This is a skill available to many, though some are more naturally inclined to develop it.  To perceive effectively I’ve spent many hours in meditation to build on my inborn gifts and shine the light of consciousness on many of my formerly unconscious aspects.

It is my deepest intent to work only with pure divine light.

This energy work is akin to Shamanic Soul Retrieval in that much healing occurs when mis-aligned or foreign pieces in the energy-system are removed and truthful soul pieces are restored.

Often times, the conscious mind wants something very different from the unconscious.  For example, a person may consciously want to move past a certain ailment or life pattern, yet the unconscious is burdened by self-limiting or more extreme self-destructive beliefs.  Intuitive soulwork shifts the layers of the energy that forms the unconscious mind for deep transformation.

I often see at least one major cause of a physical imbalance is emotional or energetic in nature.  Working on the issue energetically helps any physical symptoms easier to heal using other methods such as herbs and modern medicine.

For more information on what a session is like please read:

Intuitive Soulwork Sessions

I also offer distance soulwork sessions.

Intuitive soulwork has healed many wounds, opened doorways and created many major shifts in my life.  I am deeply grateful for all the lessons, teachers, and guides who brought me here.

It is truly a blessing to live in this time of openness and change.

Much love!

Cherie Kalisher


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