The form of energy healing I offer is both life-changing and subtle.  It positively shifts the energy bodies of an individual, including the soul, mental & emotional bodies, subtle bodies, aura, chakras and channels, by delving in to the deeper aspects of what makes us who we are.

To do this form of intuitive clearing, I’ve learned to perceive with my 3rd eye, known as inner vision.  This is a skill available to many, though some are more naturally inclined to develop it.  To perceive effectively I’ve spent many hours in meditation to build on my inborn gifts and shine the light of consciousness on many of my formerly unconscious aspects.

It is my deepest intent to work only with pure divine light.

Soul clearing is similar Shamanic Soul Retrieval in that leaps in healing and life experience occur when blockages in the energy-system are removed and truthful soul energy is restored.

Often times, the conscious mind wants something very different from the unconscious.  For example, a person may consciously want to move past a certain ailment or life pattern, yet the unconscious is burdened by self-limiting or more extreme self-destructive beliefs.  Soul Clearing shifts the layers of the energy that forms the unconscious mind for deep transformation.

Usually at least one major cause of a physical imbalance stems from an imbalance in the energy systems (chakras, past life trauma, soul loss, contracts, ancestral energy etc.)  Working on the issue intuitively helps physical symptoms heal faster and easier using other methods such as herbs and modern medicine.

I also offer distance soul clearing sessions.

Working with the soul level has healed many wounds, opened doorways and created the most profound changes and blessings in my life.  I am deeply grateful for all the lessons, teachers, and guides who brought me here.

It is truly a blessing to live in this time of openness and transformation.

Much love!

For more detailed information please read below…

A session usually lasts about 90 minutes. We go over what you want to work on, and I am shown with inner vision where to start. We can talk about as many or as few issues or area of life as you want.
Oftentimes, your life issues are related to the layers your soul is releasing and moving through. You can also say very little and allow guidance to show me what’s most important to clear from your soul, contracts and energy bodies.
During the session I “read” your energy field and soul contracts and bring in light beings, guides, and higher self to do the work.  At times we do consciously guided meditations or set intentions that allow blockages to clear more fully.
Specific life and health guidance may also come through for you, and I also check into the physical body with medical intuition.
Craniosacral Therapy, helps bring the changes into the energy bodies into the physical body and life faster.  Its like pressing the reset button to the conscious mind, so the changes can integrate easier.
Essential oils, flower essences, crystals and acupuncture is sometimes used as well.  Much information comes through to be made conscious and healed during a session, depending on what one’s soul is presently working on.  Sometimes past life or cosmic pre-earth lifetimes call out to be made conscious and cleared, other times it is interpersonal energy “cords” or unreleased trauma from this lifetime.  Or ancestral lineage karma and miasms. Or missing soul energy. Or soul traumas that have replayed in many lifetimes. Or soul contracts that one has outgrown. The possibilities are diverse, and my intent is to work on the most suitable level possible.  All challenges are our choices, and ultimately for the best and highest good and evolution of the soul. We all have stories and often karma we can shed, and these are lessons on our soul’s path to becoming more.
What is the best way to prepare?
Spend a few minutes to connect with your highest intention for the session. Think about what you’d like to work on and patterns in your life you’d like to break free of, chapters you’re ready to close.
What is the best thing to do afterwards?
Take it easy, be forgiving with yourself, and allow yourself to be new. Let go of restrictions you place on yourself about how you should be, and just be. Drink a good detox tea, eat lightly, quietly relax. Introspect or be in nature if possible.  The human energy field is layered. As we clear one layer, the next layer comes out for attention. Different lessons are brought to our attention, or different facets of a larger lesson. This is progress.
What am I actually doing?
I am aligning myself to be channel for divine knowing and wisdom. I feel we all have intuitive gifts as a possibility. I have developed my “third eye” visioning abilities which is associated with the pineal gland, to be open to information from the etheric planes and Akashic records.  The human energy field carries a wealth of information about our soul’s lessons, our karmas, our unresolved issues and ego or soul attitudes, our highest potentials and what we need to shed or embrace to get there. A good intuitive can decode these messages, for the best and highest good.
I also continue to clear my own energy field, which keeps my channel with source energy clear.  During the energy clearing process, I am aligning with divine source and serving as a witness as energies that are no longer serving are cleared and sent to the light. And truthful soul energy is retrieved, healed and restored. There is more and more evidence from modern physics that shows science really has no idea what’s going on at a subatomic level. We have no idea how many dimensional realities there are, or what they do. As physics evolves, hopefully we can know more about what actually goes on in intuitive soul clearing!

Cherie Kalisher


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